Top 10 Tech Devices For Back To School

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Story told by Fr. David Convertino, Aug 31 2017

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Once upon a time, “back to school shopping” meant filling your cart with only #2 pencils, notebooks and folders. Today it means laptops, tablets and even subscriptions to an online storage cloud like Dropbox. This year American consumers will spend nearly $20 billion dollars on Back to School tech accessories. According to the Consumer Technology Association- here are the top 10 things they’re buying!

10. Smartphone: This is a must have for many students, depending on age. 

9. Tablet: Paperless is the new buzzword! Many find tablets a lightweight solution to the heavy back.  It fits thousands of textbooks in a single device.

8. Wireless Mouse or Keyboard:  These are also ideal for computers that use television screens as monitors, making it easy for users to control the computer from anywhere in the classroom.

7. Portable Power: Convenient to carry and always dependable, a portable battery pack will charge your device anywhere. No more scrambling to find or be seated next to a plug point. 

6. Carrying or Protective Case: Keeping your devices protected from damage is a must!

5. Software Subscription: Too many research papers or presentations? No problem! Cloud Storage services like Google Drive or DropBox allow students to maintain, manage, and backed up their data remotely. The service allows the users to store files online, so that they can access them from any location via the Internet.

4. Laptop: Laptops open a world of connectivity and online resources for students. It is almost impossible to complete assignments, navigate the world wide web, learn essential office programs or develop proper email etiquette without access to a computer. Click here to help our Friars give the #KeysForSuccess.

3. Headphones: These are an essential for students who are engaged in online learning courses. 

2. Basic Calculator: Yep, students still need something basic since most of the time you’re not allowed to use a cell phone in class during tests.

1. Portable Memory: Memory stick, flash drive, USB drive- these go by many names. They are the fastest and easiest way to share files and keep large projects organized amongst students and teachers. When you make a $100 donation to #KeysForSuccess today, get a free FriarWorks USB Wristband! 

Students at Christ The King School in Newark, NJ, do not expect any new tech devices when going back to school. To our kids September signals an end to searing stomach pangs, as 40% of them go without school provided meals during the summer months. Help us provide our underserved and struggling kids with 25 new Chromebook laptops this fall. Give the #KeysForSuccess.