21 Chromebooks Down, 4 More To Go

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Story told by Fr. David Convertino, Sep 12 2017

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Imagine a child going back to school with no supplies? Once upon a time that meant pencils, notebooks and calculators, but today, it means having a laptop to type essays and internet service to do research projects.
With computer skills being one of the most necessary skillsets in the workforce, many students without access to technology are left in the dark. We are so close to reaching our goal of $10,000 in order to purchase 20 more new Chromebook laptop computers for our inner-city students at Christ The King High School in Newark, NJ.

The mission of our school is to prepare economically disadvantaged kids for college. However, our friars and faculty are met with a huge challenge: How can we help educate our kids who have no laptops or have outdated, slow or broken laptops? These kids come from poverty stricken homes. We have students who live out cars, some who have forced to find shelter with their mothers beneath highway underpasses after being evicted. These kids don’t even get a chance to dream, much less have a dream!

But you can help us change that!

These Chromebooks will give our students the opportunity to succeed! Without access to these computers, many will not gain typing skills, understand proper email etiquette, have knowledge of basic software or search engines.

We Need
25 Chromebooks for our inner-city kids

Why Do They Need Them?
To provide our kids with these computers so they can get into college.

Tell Me Why, Again?
So that they can get a good education, grow up into valued citizens and help other kids get computers and succeed.

See how that works?
It’s called: Passing It On

Help Us Pass It On!