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Story told by Fr. David Convertino, Feb 06 2017

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So you’ve heard about Random Act of Kindness week, but you’re unsure of what it’s about. Not to worry, here are the details!  Random Act of Kindness week is seven days set aside in February to challenge and encourage people to perform an act of kindness for a friend or a stranger for no reason at all. Whether it is sharing your umbrella with a stranger or giving away your parking space, you are participating in a global movement to make the world a kinder place! This year, the Franciscan Friars invite you to join us for Random Act of Kindness week. For us, kindness is not just an act but a lifestyle. We dedicate our lives to caring for millions of men, women, and children who are in desperate and immediate need for food, shelter, clothing and, most of all, compassion.
We see kindness in the faces of over 400 hungry and homeless people who we serve on our NYC Breadline each morning at 7 AM. We see relief in the smiles of women who find safety for themselves and their newborns at our Women’s Center in Philadelphia. At our shelters, we see comfort in the eyes of hundreds of mentally disabled and dependent people who have suffered years of personal and institutional neglect. And we see promise in the future of financially underprivileged students, who we serve at our schools.
Over 2 million people depend on the kindness of the Franciscan Friars each year, but our work depends entirely on the generosity of people like you. By making a Random Act of Kindness donation today, you are helping the Franciscan Friars bring healing to others all year long. It only takes one random act to make a difference, what’s yours?

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