Sandwich WHAT? A day to celebrate sandwiches? I’m there!!

Have you heart about National Sandwich Day? It’s a day set aside on November 3rd to celebrate one of America’s most popular lunch – THE SANDWICH – something most people love! But what if your whole life depended on a diet of sliced cheese, deli meat and white bread? That would be way too many sandwiches for most people! But for many people that is a reailty!

Our Franciscan Friars serve over 600 sandwiches a day, 365 days a year at our soup kitchens and breadline NYC, Hartford and Philadelphia. In celebration of National Sandwich Day, the Franciscan Friars are setting out to raise money for 600 sandwiches – ONE DAY’S WORTH OF SANDWICHES!

For just $3.00 you can give a “Meal To Heal”, and provide someone in need with what might be their only meal of the day. Many of these people are homeless, disabled, veterans or those struggling to make ends meet, and they depend on these sandwiches to eat each day!

Please join our FriarWork’s “Meal To Heal” campaign now and help our Friars reach thier goal of 600 sandwiches by November 3rd. Your most generous donation will engable us to continue feeding these men, women and children long after National Sandwich Day is over. So celebrate National Sandwich Day and have a sandwich- and better yet, give a sandwich to someone in need. Give a Meal To Heal!

Many Blessings,
Fr. David, OFM
FriarWorks, Executive Director

P.S: Take the “Meal To Heal” challenge and give one sandwich in honor of each family member at your dinner table!


Fr. David Convertino, OFM.

Executive Director, FriarWorks

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