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Story told by Fr. David Convertino, Jul 18 2017

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Watermelons, berries and ripe peaches are just a few of the fruits that we are excited to see in the supermarket produce department during the summer. These seasonal foods make our mouths water and become our favorite ingredients for summer cookouts. Many of us start gardens or visit farmer’s markets, enjoying ripe vine tomatoes, refreshing cucumber salads and roasted peppers picked right from our own backyards. You can see the colors pop before your eyes!

For many, however, fresh summer fruits or vegetables are not part of their life. Many never see anything fresh, only fruit or vegetables that come in a can or a box.  

That is why the Friars founded Franciscans Deliver, a weekly grocery delivery service which is part of the St. Francis Breadline.  This additional service of the Breadline delivers fresh produce to the poor, elderly, or homebound who cannot afford or access fresh foods. Franciscan Deliver works directly with people and delivers healthy meats, cereals, fresh produce, eggs and milk on a weekly basis.

The compassionate team of volunteers from Franciscan Delivers also provides food and the joyful spirit of St. Francis to blind youth, adults, and seniors in NYC while delivering their groceries.

So as you enjoy your favorite seasonal treats, help us deliver the everyday basics to those in need all year round. Make a gift to Franciscans Deliver today!