Advent Episode 3:
Bethlehem, the Bridge

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Story told by Fr. David Convertino, Dec 13 2019

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What could shepherds and kings possibly have in common?

This third week of Advent we invite you to reflect with Fr. Jim Vacco, OFM from St. Bonaventure Church in Allegany, NY.

In this video, Fr. Jim speaks about the arrival of shepherds and kings at the stable in Bethlehem. He explains how and why the city acted as a bridge between Magi from the East and the Shepherds from the West. As Fr. Jim says, the city of Bethlehem symbolically brought together various groups of people from different lives, just as the birth of Jesus did.

Fr. Jim also shares the work of the Franciscan Friars and volunteers at St. Bonaventure Parish and thrift store in Allegany. The thrift store, called The Bridge, is an outreach program which provides for people in need of assistance of housing, clothing and basic necessities.

This Christmas season, as we consider our lives and all the great blessings God has given us, we should also reflect on those who have so much less than we do. I ask you to remember the hundreds of homeless and struggling people whom the Franciscan Friars care for each day. 

Fr. David Convertino, OFM
Executive Director, FriarWorks